Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rick Bobo and Carl Graham

So this isn't exactly Saturday night-but I do have a story! 2 actually!

Wednesday-June 17th. I was paired up with a man named Ron Clement, wow I was lucky! What a great man of God! We came to a house about 10:30 and the door opened to a man named Rick Bobo and his stepson Carl Graham standing there waiting for us to say something. Immediately Ron hands Rick a flyer for the church block party that weekend and following that a Gospel Message tract. Using his evang-e-cube Ron begins to share the Good News. At one point during the conversation Rick felt comfortable enough with us to come outside and sit on the porch! So I sat down and listened to Ron speak to Rick while I patted the seat next to me for Carl to sit in; he ran inside then came back out. I was holding the evangecube and Carl, who is 10, began to ask me questions.
"What does this picture mean? Why does it look like that?"
Questions like that! So I pretty much get to re-explain the cube to Carl-in kid terms while Ron is still speaking with Rick! The two are talking for quite some time, so I even got to go through most of the tract with Carl, telling him about sin and what Jesus' death meant for us. So I asked Carl if he thought he wanted to say the prayer that accepted Christ's death as a payment, saved him from his sin and death, and gave him eternal life in Heaven with God. He said yes... wow... Praise God, he said yes!! So Ron, still talking to Rick, perks up when he hears me saying this to Carl! I'll just type out the next part of the conversation-it's not word for word or exactly the same but here it is!
Ron: "Did I hear you say that Carl wanted to ask Christ into his heart?"
SG: "You sure did!"
Ron(to Rick): "Would you like to make this commitment with Carl here today, and the two of you can make it together?"
Rick: "I don't want to do this so that he will." (He thought he was going to be the reason Carl was going to ask Jesus into his heart... If he did then carl would-he couldn't be more wrong!)
Ron: "Oh no, Carl has already made his decision, it's your turn! Do you want to do this today with Carl or some other time?"
Rick: "Okay, I guess I will do it today!"

They decided to read the prayer out loud together that was in the tract. That moment there were 2 new brothers added to the family of God!

To add to the story-at one point while we were standing on the porch talking, Satan attacked us! A man carrying a walmart bag walked up to the house and stood at the bottom of the stairs for about a minute before finally turning around and leaving! Our ICE partners across the told us later that they saw us talking to Rick and Carl then saw that man walking up. Immediately Jeff (who was across the street) began praying that whoever that man was, Satan would not be able to use him and that this man would stop where he was and leave. LOOK AT THE POWER OF PRAYER, because that EXACT thing happened! He stopped and stood there then left! Wow.... We serve such a mighty God. Nothing can prevail against Him!!

I am so lucky to be saved by and serve the God of the universe and the Savior of my heart....

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